Ansabere Surgical began as a family-owned company committed to designing, manufacturing, and distributing surgical instruments. For over 40 years, we have passionately pursued excellence in our final products, striving to set new standards for their improvement every day. We work closely with medical professionals who use our retractors, positioners, and mechanical arms, listening to their feedback to enhance design, ergonomics, and precision.

Our Mission

  1. Provide high-quality, efficient, and safe products.
  2. Lead in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative surgical instruments.
  3. • Facilitate healthcare professionals' work through ergonomic and efficient products.
  4. Offer advanced and cutting-edge solutions.
  5. Ensure customer satisfaction through close collaboration.

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as leaders in innovation and quality in the manufacturing of surgical devices.
  • To drive excellence and continuous improvement in the manufacturing of our products.
  • To inspire confidence and reliability among healthcare professionals through our products.
  • To contribute to the advancement and innovation of surgical tools.
  • To collaborate closely with healthcare professionals to understand and meet their identified needs.
  • To be a trusted partner for hospitals and clinics in providing our products.

CertificationsCommitment to Quality

As a dedicated company focused on the medical and surgical sector, we uphold a steadfast commitment to the quality of our products, with efficiency, precision, durability, and reliability being the values that best define them.

CommunicationCustomer Focus

At Ansabere, we understand the critical role our products play in the daily routines of medical personnel. Therefore, we prioritize their satisfaction by fostering close, direct, and straightforward communication.


One of the distinguishing values that sets us apart from other distributors and manufacturers is our close collaboration with those who use our products. We not only modify and adapt them but also address specific identified needs.

MilestonesCompany History

October 2003

ANSABERE SURGICAL is founded, leveraging the owners’ experience in developing surgical instruments, hospital furniture, and medical products.

September 2004

Through research and development (R&D), Ansabere Surgical is recognized as an EIBT (Innovative and Technology-Based Enterprise) for designing high-efficiency and durable surgical instruments.

April 2006

The company implements ISO 13485:2003, developing a range of products with innovative designs that set new standards in the national and international surgical instrument market.

September 2007

Ansabere Surgical obtains Directive 93/42/EEC certification to market its medical products within the European Union, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards crucial for market presence.

October 2014

Ansabere Surgical launches a new range of innovative products for various surgeries, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement by offering advanced solutions that enhance surgical outcomes.

October 2017

In 2017, Ansabere Surgical secures 16 patents in the market, underscoring its dedication to innovation and intellectual property protection, solidifying its leadership in the medical technology field.

March 2018

Ansabere introduces TRI-AS, a novel retractor for cardiac surgery (valvular and coronary), to the market.

October 2019

Ansabere acquires distribution rights in Spain for MEDXPERT, a German manufacturer specializing in implants for chest wall reconstruction and fracture treatment.

March 2024

Ansabere Surgical expands its presence into new regions in 2024, reflecting strategic growth and its ongoing commitment to improving healthcare in diverse parts of the world.

40Years of activity
18Own patents
50Own products