German company specializing in reconstruction, treatment of fractures, and deformities of the chest wall.

STRACOS, Fracture Implants

STRATOS, Reconstruction Implants

The UroFunnel™ fluid containment system is designed to protect personnel from infections by effectively collecting and disposing of liquid waste during transurethral resection (TUR) and other cystoscopy/ureterorenoscopy procedures.

Austrian company manufacturing orthopedic implants.

Ansabere distributes CCG titanium cerclage tapes for periprosthetic fracture treatment and hip revisions.

PFM Medical focuses on providing solutions used in the operating room or outpatient procedures.

Titanized mesh implants for hernia surgery. PFM Medical’s titanized mesh implants are known for minimal inflammation rates, as they are 100% biocompatible, especially lightweight, and hydrophilic.

D.A. Surgical, founded by Dan Allen, the inventor of Allen leg holders, offers solutions for operating room positioning in both conventional and robotic surgery.

Highlighting their innovative TrenGuard positioner for Trendelenburg positioning.

German company with over 50 years specializing in manufacturing high-quality instruments for thoracic, pediatric, and laparoscopic surgery.

“We invent, create, supply, and manufacture medical devices for endourology without adding complexity.

“We develop medical devices with as much care and attention to detail as if we were the first patients to use these devices ourselves.” — CEO, Pawel Wisniewski