Nasal Graft Holder

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Desarrollado en colaboración con el Dr. Antonio Bazán Álvarez
Jefe de Servicio Cirugía Plástica (Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra)

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Antonio Bazán Álvarez, Chief of Plastic Surgery (Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra). Facilitates the correct positioning of dorsal expansion grafts (Dosal Spreader Grafts) in aesthetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty. Features lateral oval-shaped holes for suture and fixation to the septum. Enables proper alignment of the nasal axis and correction of lateral angles. Rounded tips to prevent damage to the perichondrium and/or mucosa during dissection. Offers total control of opening and stabilization via a threaded knob. Ergonomic design in a bayonet shape.