Product Catalogue

Ansabere’s final products are conceived as highly precise, high-quality, and efficient medical instruments. They are designed by a professional team in close coordination with medical professionals who understand the needs that arise in an operating room. We have the capability to customize each instrument to more specific requirements, making us the ideal partner for surgeons and distributors.

Ansabere SurgicalProduct Lines

Surgical Retractors15

Surgical instruments designed for maximum precision and efficiency during procedures. They represent our commitment to excellence.

Endoscopy Mechanical Arms5

Products designed to ensure exceptional precision and efficiency, showcasing Ansabere's commitment to technological innovation.

Traumatology Positioners and Retractors11

Top-tier surgical solutions ensuring stability, safety, and comfort for both patients and medical professionals.


Specialized surgical instruments focused on facilitating the work of medical professionals.

Ansabere SurgicalPRODUCTS